Sunday, 25 May 2008

And so it grows

My quilt to-do list, that is! Just tonight I've added two; one which should be fairly quick and with a short deadline, and another a long-term project.
Helen and a few other quilty friends saw a quilt at the recent Perth Craft Fair made using a small square from each of the fabrics in the maker's stash. I immediately decided I would have to do the same. But with my stash moving towards 800m, and a lot of that in 25-50cm cuts, a very rough estimate would be at least 2000 fabrics. I think I'll find a suitable container for the squares (I've decided 2.5" should be a good size, enough to show some of the pattern on some of the larger prints) and just add a square whenever I buy or use a fabric for now, and get to the rest of the stash later. Ideally, I would like to cut a second square of each, and catalogue that with the fabric details, but that's probably unrealistic!

And I'll finish with an unrelated photo of some t-shirts a friend sent me a while back for James and Eleanor. She initially saw one saying, "My mum skis faster than your dad" which she wanted to get my kids, but they didn't have any small enough, so she got us these. I can't wait to dress them in them!

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