Friday, 16 May 2008

Now this really is Friday

The rest of my orders arrived this morning, and while Eleanor had a sleep, James helped me photograph them!
Some snowflake prints, and one for making snowflake blocks:
Some just because:
And a final selection to audition for the swirly quilt:
Here they are being auditioned. I really like the dramatic ones (especially the big sprials), but have to face facts that they are too much for the fine swirls I am doing, and I think I'll use the fine swirls (the first one) and add the drama in the border. I'm thinking of a scalloped border:
Stash = 777m


Leah said...

oooh - i love the swirls on stripes... and scalloped borders are adorable :)

Kylie said...

I was just coming in to say that I really liked the swirls on the stripes as well! Really looking forward to seeing the finished product!