Thursday, 8 May 2008


In January there was a 'small' bushfire near us; about 4km away. It also happened to be rather (too) close to our child care centre and although I was home with Eleanor, it was a child care day for James, and I decided to collect him early. When I did, I found roadblocks because of the fire just 50m up the road, and the centre calling all the parents! Luckily no homes were lost, thanks to a prompt aerial attack (the kids at childcare were enthralled by the helicopters going back and forth overhead!). But a segment of the road to town is surrounded by burned trees and blackened ground. After the rain this week, I noticed the first signs of regeneration; some soft green grass, and some beautiful green leaves at the base of some of the trees and up their trunks. I love the way it looks like a green fur coat! I'll try and stop tomorrow and get some photos.

The first of these photos shows new growth at the base of a burned tree just above the road. The fire only just leaped the road, and was contained above it relatively quickly, and you can see in the background trees whic were only singed at the bottom.
The next shows a tree below the road with some branches coated in the green fur of new growth, and lots of dead leaves in the background.
The last is a wider shot of another tree with regenerating branches and the contrast of new and dead leaves.

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AJ said...

Cool Photos!! It does look like fur!!