Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A special quilt

After spending hours last night designing a Mariner's Compass memorial quilt, I went shopping today to choose the background fabric, not really knowing what colour I wanted. My eyes fell on something totally inappropriate, so I bought it anyway, and came up with a completely new design. Using an enlarged version of the base quilting pattern I used here, I'm doing a Celtic knot applique, making use of some navy bias I've had for years. Admittedly, the design may not really be Celtic, but the idea is the same. And luckily, it appears my 2 x 5m rolls of 1/4in bias will be just enough. I've applied one roll so far.There will be nearly 10m of bias to sew down on either side (invisible hand applique) and so far I have done about 80cm along one side; the bit shown here: I printed the pattern over several pages, then created my own 'lightbox' to trace it on, using the light Simon bought me for my birthday (powerful and on a very flexible stem), two tubs of fabric, and a round glass table topper. Windows aren't an option here; they are all small panes separated by timber (you can just see some in the background below), and therefore not flat!Much more effective that the system I used to trace the quilting design last time (a clear 50L plastic tub emptied of fabric and on its side, with a small but powerful torch inside, held upright in a little cup of James' playdough!).

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Helen said...

Great light box set up Em! Looking foward to seeing this quilt grow.