Friday, 30 January 2009

Can't help myself!

When these fabrics arrived today. I couldn't help but add them to the stash count. So onwards to the mile (1.6km for those of you wondering about the conversion) I go...
Mostly lots of bare essentials - good basics in white, neutral and B&W at great prices. The top neutral is stars, and the other neutral and the white are snowflakes.
A much cuter model with the stash!
The heatwave continues and I'm struggling for motivation to do anything, including quilting.
I've cut 2.5in squares from each of the new fabrics (for my eventual one-of-everything quilt, which will be a monster at this rate!) and sorted them into their correct tubs, and that's about it.

Stash 1.044km


MandMStudio said...

What a cute model. So cool.

Ellie said...

Look how big she is getting...Miss E that is, not your stash ;-p

Gina said...

Beautiful fabrics and a gorgeous model, much prettier than the last one. LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx