Monday, 12 January 2009


Apart from lots of sewing, here's how we spent the first 10 days of 2009 at my lovely In-Laws' holiday house at Port Hughes:

Eleanor in the swing, Again! "Ga!" (glasses, one of the many new words).

Eleanor was happy to hold on of the many garfish (yum!) Pop, Simon and James caught out in the boat one day:

James fishing on the jetty with Simon with his own rod:

Eleanor ready for a walk down to the beach (about 200m!):

The rest of my family:

The toy boat Simon made sailing well:

Simon with Eleanor and his boat:


James running into the sunset:

Simon and Eleanor:

The boat:

James got over his fear of touching the fish - one of the 12 tommy ruffs he caught that day. He insisted on joining Pop and Daddy on the boat most days, but ended up asleep in the cabin most of the time they were fishing!

Enjoying the new swingset with Pop. This photo was sent to my brother-in-law, eliciting the response: "Send us the photo when it breaks!"

James baking biscuits:

Waiting for me to ice the biscuits:

Decorating. Eleanor's policay was a fairly definite, "One for me, one for the biscuit" as evidenced by the sequence of photos with her hand moving repeatedly between saucer, mouth and biscuit!

I hope your start to 2009 was as enjoyable as ours!

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