Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Box is Back!

The story of The Box:

I bought a standard, every-day postage box from my local post office to send a small 1st birthday quilt to Baby Hillbilly in 2006. Ellie then formed an attachment to said box, and when she moved, it went with her. She 'lent' it to me a year later, sending me some fabric for the bed quilt she'd commissioned for Baby Hillbilly. Sadly it wasn't big enough to return the single bed quilt in, but when the Little One arrived shortly after, I returned the box with a play quilt. Since then, Ellie has subjected it to a photo shoot and who knows what else! Then yesterday it was back on my doorstep containing the Pay It Forward gifts Ellie made me. I wonder what it's next journey will be?

Ellie made me a fantastic bag in black and white, which might actually be big enough to lug around all the stuff I tend to take with me. Plus, with the handle, it's far too long for James to claim!

But the bag is outshone by the gorgeous dress she made for Eleanor. Eleanor wore it out today, and it's perfect on her. Unfortunately she's at a bad stage for photos, and it's hard to get anything decent - I had to stand her on my sewing table to have any chance!

Thank you Ellie, we love them!


MandMStudio said...

Both are lovely:)

Ellie said...

Oh yay. I am so glad the dress fits as I was going to suggest it as a shirt (great with a white long tee over jeans).

Very cute model too.

Cascade Lily said...

Great story! And that dress is Fantabulous!!!!