Thursday, 19 February 2009


New arrivals; stash = 1.075km.
Margaret; I hold you responsible for most of this next selection!
And this lot for a new commission:
And a selection of fabric stacks which have recently left, or are about to leave. From left, my offering the Great International Stash-Busting-Giveaway, 5in charm squares for a swap with the EB quilters, and 6.5in charm squares for my 1km giveaway.
No sewing tonight, just lots more cutting. And the spotlight B&W fabrics that Kelly found for me arrived, too. Thank you very much, Kelly ! Tomorrow night I must get on with Zoe's quilt again; I've not touched it for 2 nights, and her party is on Sunday!
And here I am at the pool yesterday with Eleanor and James. We went to my old local pool with Mummy. They loved it, and although neither can swim (they both start lessons in March - I've finally got myself organised and booked them in!) it was infinitely easier this time than last summer. It's a great pool; plenty of grass, relatively quiet, and by late afternoon the large gum trees shade most of the 50m pool, as well as the toddler pool being shaded.
James is desperate to go off the diving board, so I got him to practise jumping in the shallow end and going right under water when he landed. He got really good at it, so we started diving for his diving rings. I'd swim down (about 1m) with him in my arms, and guide his hand to pick it up himself. If I could remember anything from when I trained as a swim teacher, I'd've tried more seriously to teach him something! I trained to teach the swim and survive classes after doing several of the RLSSA life saving awards, but started teaching skiing instead, and never actually taught swimming.


Jess said...

Hi Emma

Ooh some of those fabrics look suspiciously like those selected for Lily's quilt, I really like them.

That is a great photo of you, James and Eleanor.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

In those gorgeous shades of turquoise - must be for the 4SQS5!!
I envy those cute Cecily fairy prints. When I did my daughter's room 3 yrs ago, I came so close to putting a couple of those prints in. I ended up getting 3 other fairy prints. So now, of course I am itching to get some of those fabrics! cute-
I can't wait to see what you are sending on my way. Many thanks

Austy's Mum said...

To get him going under the water so soon considering he hasn't been to lessons yet is great Emma! Austy only goes under with "gobbles" on so you're doing well. The most important thing is to make sure it's always fun, and don't push them too hard in one go or they start to panic. The first things they taught Austy was to float, swim to the edge and to climb out by himself. Now he uses the kickboard with his floaties mostly deflated (he doesn't realise!) and peels the instructors fingers off the board wanting to do it by himself!