Thursday, 12 February 2009


I took the day off work to try and get Zoe's quilt done. I have managed to complete strips of these
And these

But I still have a along way to go, yet I've been interspersing work on Zoe's quilt with whipping up some of these stars.

They're rather quick to make, and quite relaxing given their free-form compared with the fiddly work on the other stars I'm making. I've already got some more on the go. The points all come from my rarely-touched scrap box.
The reason I'm making them is so that I can send them to Tia who will be putting then tgether in sets of 25 to make quilts for survivors of the Victorian Firestorms. They are 12.5in. Visit Tia's blog, or click on the button below (and in my siderbar to the right) to take you to the Flickr group for more information on how you can join in and help.

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MandMStudio said...

I really love those stars!

Cascade Lily said...

That pink/yellow block is doing my head in!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I LOVE that heart background. Would you mind telling me where I can find some to purchase? Brand name or name on the bolt? Beautiful.

Kelly said...

Your stars are gorgeous. I Looooove the pink and cream block, what's it called, I'd love to give it a go.
Kelly :-)

Shasta said...

What is that block called on Zoe's quilt. It is gorgeous!