Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wanted (has now been obtained)

I realised I wasn't going to be satisfied until I'd put a few quilt tops together for the Bushfire Quilt Project, so I popped into my local Spotlight this afternoon for some background fabrics. Unfortunately their range was rather low, but I bought the rest of the bolt of these two fabrics. I've done some calculations since I got home, and to make single bed quilts (which is what I've heard there's a need for, along with queen-size) I need another 2.4m of the black and 1m of the white. If you could have a look at your local Spotlight and pick some up if they have any, I would be most grateful. I'm happy to reimburse you for fabric and postage; they're only $6.99/m.

(These squares about about 11cm)

Thanks to the wonder of bloggers, Kelly has already found the fabric for me, though I'm still on the look-out for cheap backing and batting.

I've rather blown the budget on fabric, but if anyone knows where I can get batting cheaply (I'm in Adelaide) I would like to do the quilting as well, since Tia's going to have her hands more than full!

I'm hoping to be able to use as many scraps as possible (blues to go with the white, and reds to go with the black) to make the stars. (I'm planning to make quilts which will suit boys).


Kelly said...

Hi Emma, I'll pop down to spotlight in a few minutes and see what I can find.
Kelly :-)

Austy's Mum said...

Hi Emma, I might head up to the SL near my Nan's tomorrow and have a look for you, and if you need help sewing up the blocks just sing out.

Kelly said...

Hi Emma

I hope another Kelly has found the fabric for you as I'm sorry to say I had no luck at spotlight today, they didn't have any of this fabric at all. It must have sold out because it was on special. I'm so sorry!!!

The blocks you've done look fantastic. I wonder if you could intersperse some black dots on a white background if you can't get anymore of the swirly fabric?

Kelly :-)