Friday, 1 May 2009

What am I thinking?

I think I must be mad. I decided that I just couldn't give away the quilt with the modified palm blocks. There was just so much work involved. And I loved the result. So I've decided to keep it for myself - and more than double the size! What can I be thinking?

Fortunately, thanks to a few tips, I finally decided to investigate the possibility of soluble foundations. I'd often though such a thing would be handy, but never thought to see if it existed. Of course, it does! It's rather more expensive, but will be so worth it! I have an envelope-full on the way.

But that meant I needed to quickly get on to a replacement design. Here's the block I chose - It's a basic block, but I've given it a completely different look with creative colouring:

Oh, dear! It's also foundation-pieced! And it has 29 pieces. And I still need 16 of them. And it has lots of points. And I can't wait until the soluble stuff arrives!

Ah, well. 29 is better than 38 - isn't it? And the points aren't quite so sharp, are they?

Most of the 464 pieces are cut, the foundations are printed....

Stay tuned...


Margaret aka Supermom said...

So, are you going to show us the Palm quilt??!

Robyn said...

Wow Emma, your work is amazing!!
Very inspiring actually!
Hey thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment on my LC quilt.
Robyn xx

Beena said...

You may end up wanting to keep this one, too! (laughing)

I once did a paper pieced quilt with 32 tea cups/coffee cup paper pieced blocks for my son's third grade teacher. One cup for each student, where each had their names written underneath. What an undertaking. I really wanted to keep that quilt...