Thursday, 14 May 2009

End of the drought

I never impose fabric buying bans on myself (in case you hadn't noticed!). I can't see the point. I'm bound to break it! But I have been trying to be good recently, and managed to go almost 2 months without ordering anything, though I did pick up a few bargain essentials locally. This way, I'm happy to have managed so long without buying, and am not disappointed I didn't last the time out.

A few weeks ago, I let myself loose. I'm good at waiting too late to decide I really want a range, and this time I've got in in time. First, some Neptune, including my first pre-cut pack, a layer cake:
Some snowflakes etc. I couldn't resist:
Then a little Full Moon Forest before it entirely disappears:

A top-up of Farmers' Market, and some Ginger Blossom, both by Sandi Henderson:

And some Andalucia by Patty Young:

A whole load of this:

And finally, some more snowflakes (don't act surprised!):

Taking into account some recent use: Stash = 1.174m


The Humming Cat said...

How many snowflakes does one woman need??

AJ said...

Lots Adds Lots!! LOL

Nice Emma! Very Nice!!

L.E.I.A said...

I love the stuff from Neptune Emma, gorgeous colours, can't wait to see what you can do with it :).