Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ads' Visit and Kellie's Class

Ads flew over to join me for the weekend at Kellie's class at Hettie's Patch here in Adelaide. Despite some dire warnings and ridiculous rumours, we're both relatively normal and had a great weekend.
I'm still waiting for Ads' photos, since on her last evening here we were so busy sewing we forgot to download them. Here she is hard at work:
To start with we worked on a 'practice' project. I think mine looks like a Befuddled Bowerbird, surrounded by the wrong colour:
It just needs the wing and legs adding, and an eye, then I can quilt it. I'm already imagining and mentally designing a Satin Bowerbird quilt with all blues.

And this is my version of the main project we worked on; Willow:
I didn't get as far as I'd've liked before the end of Sunday, mostly because instead of doing homework on Saturday evening after the dinner, I set up my Etsy shop! (Remember the giveaway is still open for a few more days). Naturally I changed a few things. I'm still considering a few options for the layout, and have the birds yet to add. Nothing's sewn on yet.

I also wanted to show off my new pendant which arrived from rocknwrap on Etsy:


Linda said...

Emma, I love both your bowerbirds, befuddled AND otherwise! The colors are great, and the workmanship looks like perfection. Sounds like it was a very enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

Cascade Lily said...

So glad you enjoyed yourselves. Did Natalie make it? Your work looks great, and I recognise the fabric you've used for the striped tree in the second piece!

Helen said...

Typical of Ad chatting at the back while Kellie is demonstrating! I love your practice piece, very nice!

Kellie said...

Emma your Willow looks amazing!!!! I have pinched a photo I hope you don't mind. Thanks for coming along and for making my weekend so enjoyable!