Friday, 9 October 2009

Links to my quilts added

I have finally gone through the lists of completed quilts on the right and changed them to links!

Each link will take you to the main entry about that quilt, and most have a selection of full and detail photos of the finished quilt. Some also have links to in-progress entries, but if they don't, browse through the recent 'older posts', and you'll likely find some anyway (I'll try and get better at adding links!). I noticed on going through my posts and the lists, that some quilts don't have full posts, and eventually I'll remedy that - there are a few I hadn't realised I'd missed! Therefore, sometimes the link is to a more generic, in-progress or peek entry, but they do allow you to see either a single photo of the finished quilt, or as much as I'm showing at this point. I'll try and keep them current. For now, the lists only really cover since I started blogging in mid 2007, but there are a couple of links under 2007 to older quilts which I've featured in separate entries, and I'll eventually add to this as well.

You can also follow the link to my Flickr photostream on the right, where there should be at least one photo of every quilt I've made; except perhaps for the most recent, and a few yet to be revealed.

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Mrs Moen said...

Hi! I could not find your email address, so I'll put my response to your comment here.

Thank you so much for the comment you left on my entry to the Festival.

I am happy (probably not the right word..) that my work touches so many other people, even if I made it as a way to deal with the whole thing myself. I have to add that I did ask my daughter’s permission to tell our story, and she was only happy I would do it. Some stories just need to be told.

Best regards
Nina Lise
AKA Mrs Moen