Sunday, 25 October 2009


Today was James' 4th birthday. As has happened for the last few years, Simon's work family day was on his birthday, and they put on a great show, so we took James and Eleanor and James' friend Ella along to that, and his party will be in a few weeks. There was facepainting, and predictably we brought home 3 butterflies:
Eleanor was hilarious while having it done:

At four, James is still our little boy. He has a delightful turn of phrase, and a vocabulary which is pure 21st century. Listening to his conversation with Ella in the car today was hysterical! James is the cuddliest little boy around and a sensitive little soul, but he's also full of energy and mischief.
He is still besotted with pink, purple, fairies, butterflies, tutus, sparkles.... so I was pleased to find this bike for him; pale blue with just a few touches of pink - enough to satisfy his pink cravings for now, and hopefully not too much if his tastes change in a couple of years. The doll's seat on the back is perfect for Bec.
This evening both sets of grandparents came with presents, cake, party poppers and balloons.
And there were phonecalls and cards, too. Here he is telling Aunty 'Net about his day:
And tonight I've been icing chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting swirls and 'fairy dust' for him to take to child care tomorrow. I've packed them into my lovely new cupcake courier and keep popping into the kitchen to gloat over it's practicality.
As I ws getting him ready for bed tonight, he announced he'd like to stay four forever. I figure it must've been a good day!
Happy 4th Birthday James!


Kylie said...

Happy Birthday James! May they all be as good as the one you just had!

Mands said...

Happy Birthday James. What a fab bike!
I am jealous of your cupcake carrier, but we aren't allowed to take home-made cakes to childcare to celebrate birthdays anymore :(

Natalie said...

Happy birthday James! Reminds me how Jai used to be when he was younger, his favourite colour was pink too - he even wanted us to paint his bedroom pink, luckily we didn't as now his favourite colour is yellow

Helen said...

Happy 4th birthday James! 4 is a great age to be. Those cupcakes look pretty good Emma!

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday to a cutie pie. Glad he had such a great extended birthday!