Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Middle-of-the-night darkness seems like a good time to post photos of the owl mini I've just finished. But it's not a great time for photography, so a couple of peeks will have to do until I get outside with it (and 2 other quilts) and the camera tomorrow.
I ended up Emmaing the background again, because it worked so well with the swirly background fabric. But it took forever, because it was hard to see where I'd sewn, and I had to keep turning the quilt for a better viewing angle.


Me aka Supermom said...

Looks real good. I know what you mean though. I just finished quiting dark blue on blue and couldn't really see the thread at all. I cursed that decision for 3 hours!

The Humming Cat said...

So so so noice!! Would look perfect hangin above my sewing machine!