Monday, 21 December 2009

Working through my list

I've had the entire day to myself, but as expected, didn't get through anywhere near as much as planned. I got the first batch of Christmas cards written and sent - but only after spending a couple of hours tidying up looking for the Christmas stamps - I found them eventually and I have to say, the house does look better! The letter is half written, but I've not started choosing which photos to include. The tree remains undecorated.

But I got the centre of this quilt top completed tonight, and will add the borders and sandwich it tomorrow - in amongst trying to finish the Christmas shopping! And I mustn't forget to get some glitter so James can make the reindeer food when they come back.

I'll photograph the Hushabye stars quilt in the morning and blog it tomorrow night. I need to come up with names for these two, as well.

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