Wednesday, 30 December 2009

More quilting

I've finished quilting this one - apart from the narrow (~1in) border which I plan to do after the binding, so it looks more even.

There are 25 blocks like this, and each one is quilted the same. Above without flash (showing the quiting better) below with flash.

These next 2 photos show quilting detail where blocks of different colouring meet:

And this is the photography set-up I use at night to show the quilting; I use the night portrait setting, a sidelight rather than flash, and the tripod to hold it all steady. Pretend the camera is actually on the tripod; obviously I had to move it to take this!

My parents are buying me a new camera for Christmas, and I've been researching. I'd love a DSLR, but I am always using the flip-out vari-angle screen on my camera, and I think it's a non-negotiable aspect, which pretty much limits me to the new version of my current (mid 2005 Canon S2 IS)) camera; the Canon SX1 IS. I've read several reviews and been into a camera shop to play with it (but since it didn't have batteries in it, I didn't really get much benefit from that and will be trying another shop in the next few days!) but would love to hear from anyone who has one - or even a recent similar model.

Partly I just want sharper images and a faster setup, but I really want to get photos of my quilts which are sharp at both the centre and the binding, which I just haven't been able to achieve (I have my quilts totally flat on a plain wall in the shade, and do get a fair distance back - as far as practical - have the camera centred and straight and have played with different f-stops and other settings).


Linda said...

Your quilting is gorgeous, and that's a design I've done myself - a favorite. I'm curious... did you simply eyeball that, stitching the design as you went? Or do you draw it first? Or quilt over Golden Threads paper? The GT paper is what I use.

Me aka Supermom said...

Real pretty quilting Emma!