Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Quilt Raffle Winner

Today I contacted the winner of the quilt raffle to ask her which quilt she wanted. Not surprisingly, AJ has chosen Footsteps, which was the overwhelming favourite. Winner of the second prize luxury gift box is the mother of one of the children at the centre.

That means that the other quilt, Nurture, is available for sale. Please contact me if you're interested.

However, given the popularity of Footsteps, I have decided to offer custom-made beach scene quilts for sale on commission. There's one currently in my Etsy shop, or you can contact me here - either leave a comment on this or any post or email me (at the top of the right-hand column below the photo there's a bit of unformation about me; click on 'view my complete profile' and that will take you to a new page where on the left under the Contact heading you can click 'Email').

Thank you to everyone for your support of this endeavour. ABC Belair Child Care Centre has raised plenty of funds for some great activities for the children this year, and I feel my efforts have been worthwhile and appreciated.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

If I could have entered that raffle I would have. Congratulations to the winner. She is So LUCKY
*:·-:¦:-·:**MERRY**:·.-:¦:-·:**CHRISTMAS**:- -:¦:-·:*

AJ said...

Yeah Me!! I have a spot on the wall in the new house all ready when you are Emma!!