Sunday, 7 February 2010

Nothing much to show

I've been busy quilting, but haven't much progress to show. I have a ton of designs underway, which took all of yesterday. I finished and posted off a quilt which I can't show yet. And I've done bits and pieces on several quilts which aren't much to look at yet. But I have been shopping again.

I keep stocking up on Farmer's Market, because it's becoming harder to find. And in this lot are also Meadowsweet (Sandi Henderson again), Flora & Fauna (Patty Young) and random fabrics from Heather Bailey, Paula Prass, Amy Butler, Tula Pink, and a couple of others.
I'm planning on using a selection of apple/lime, white, charcoal and raspberry based on Flora and Fauna(upper half of the top photo) for my second niece's bed quilt. I don't need to make it for a while (as in a year!), but am making her older sister a teddy quilt for her upcoming 3rd birthday to match the bed quilt I made her last year. I know how much little sisters like to copy their older siblings, so have decided to make her one for her 1st birthday in another month as well, and need to design the bed quilt first, so the teddy quilt can match. Rather convoluted, but it makes sense to me!

Now I'm heading back to another snowflake wholecloth, this time on a navy night sky fabric, using silver thread. It's not going too badly, but I don't have exactly the right needle, and I've had a few breakages (of both thread and needles!). I've nearly finished the metallic part, thank goodness!

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Linda said...

Not much to show... but it still makes me drool. Lovely pieces! I'm sure you're making your local quilt shop owner happy.