Monday, 8 February 2010

Wholehearted wholecloth

Never let it be said that I don't go into things wholeheartedly (as if you couldn't tell from my stash alone!). I loved making the last wholecloth quilt so much that I have several more on the go. I've spent a lot more time dithering over and refining designs, and finally realised I needed to get these quilts out of my system, so I can focus on what I really need to do.

Another snowflake, from the back. The front fabric is presenting quite a challenge to background quilt, and I think I need to order some more thread (mahogany Bottom Line). The place I get it from takes a while (even allowing for shipping from the US), and that my render this quilt useless for its original purpose - a swap for which it may be too late. So now I have yet another to make - I have a design already which I may use, but I'm not sure yet - it's in colours my recipient likes (brown and pink) but the colous do NOT go with the swap's wintry theme, although the pieced design has a wonderfully snowflakey feel.

This one is 'just because'. When I started drawing feathers to make another wholecloth, this heart happened. Nothing to do with anything in particular, and most certainly NOT the 14th of February! I'll probably put this in my Etsy shop when it's done. I ummed and ahhed for ages over the background quilting before realising it needed feathering. By marking just the spines a bit at a time, that's going well, and is about half done - I should finish the quilting tomorrow night. The picture is from the back (the heart is better fom the front). I'm undecided yet whether I'll add some more (darker) pink inner feathers, I'll wait until the background is done to decide.

And this one I just love. I used metallic silver thread which is perfect on this night sky fabric. I had to make it. It could end up a gift for Mummy, or I may have to hang on to it. I'll Emm the background in navy Bottom Line - which I also have to order. It's just as well I'll have to wait for threads to finish two of these, or I'd never get back to my priority list.

Oh, and I'll properly blog the first wholecloth snowflake shortly. It sold before it was finished! And it's incerdibly hard to photograph; it takes a while in photoshop to get the photos accurate!


What Comes Next? said...

These quilts are gorgeous! Love your snowflake designs, and your feathered heart

Cindi said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm speechless!

Linda said...

Absolutely stunning! Please share with us how you are getting the quilting design onto the fabric. You can't be just quilting as you go, can you!?

Anne D said...

Wow they are gorgeous.I really love that first snowflake one!!!