Thursday, 17 June 2010


Here's my new wheatbag. I found the remaining wheat I had in the cupboard, decided it would nicely fill a bag if I cut a square using my 12.5in ruler, and that was it for measuring! I just folded the square in half and sewed right-sides together around all but 4in, doudble-stitched the seam with a short stitch, turned the bag, poured the wheat in, and top-stitched it shut. Done! I'm planning to get some more wheat and make some more - as warmers for James and Eleanor, since the nights are suddenly cold, and some spares for me.

This play quilt is ready for binding. It's flannel back and front and is feathered all over. I FMQed a wavy snake going across the quilt 5 times over the whole thing, then feathered up and down either side of the line - simple, good feathers practice, and just right for the quilt - not too heavy and just adding a little intrest to the pieced top.


Lily Mulholland said...

Love the foot warmer. Am definitely going to make one of those for myself :)

Loving flannels too. How did you find quilting through the slightly thicker fabrics front and back?

Me aka Supermom said...

I have never heard of these. Where do you get wheat? We have made them with corn in them (dried), but they smell a bit for my taste. We have one that has corn (maybe a double layer liner would help) and has a fleece outer layer - it is long to be used as a neck warmer. Heat in the microwave for a couple minutes.