Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New stash, new quilt

After staying strong for years, I've finally given in and started a flannel stash. This is my latest delivery; almost 30yards of flannels; mostly Valori Wells designs, a little Amy Butler Love and a tiny bit of Farmer's Market. I ordered these from little more than a week ago. This online store only sells modern designers, and are reasonably well priced, but what really got me was their shipping. Those of you in Australia ordering from overseas will be used to paying a tonne for shipping, and this is a good way to save. Small orders can go in the usual flat-rate envelopes, but...they have flat-rate shipping for $39.95 to Australia for unlimited fabric! So my 30y of flannel which filled two boxes, still only cost $40 shipping, instead of more than twice that elsewhere! Very handy if you can put in one massive order (maybe with a friend or two) and especially if you're ordering something bulky.

(To give some perspective on the size of this pile; it's 1/4y wide; the top 2/3 are all 1/2y cuts, each folded in quarters after being cut from the bolt.)

I actually used a little of the flannel tonight to make another wheat bag. Like a lot of people, I sew without shoes on, and it's getting cool here - a nice hot wheatbag is beautiful for my icy toes!

What I was really sewing tonight was a doll quilt as a very belated first birthday present for one of my nieces (at one you can get away with being late, they don't care too much about the presents!). I just need to cut the corner setting triangles and put the blocks together, then I can add the borders.

This quilt uses Patty Young's gorgeous Flora & Fauna range, and the bed quilt for her 2nd birthday will match.


LittleWhiteDove said...

Oh yummy yummy yummy! They are so lovely, and just about perfect for a little baby quilt, I may need to do some shopping. You. Are. Evil. !!!

Lily Mulholland said...

A foot warmer! Now that is just what I need for my bed. And I think I have some cosy flannel lying about somewhere!