Tuesday, 14 September 2010

An Expensive Nap

This year Eleanor had real skis for the first time - last year she just had strap-on plastic ones. They were pretty heavy for her small body, and I think the weight, combined with the enormous bulk of the clothes on her, made it quite difficult for her. Plus the fact that she was only just three - whereas last year James was 3, but nearly 4.
The ski harness we had was a lifesaver - she liked the confidence of knowing we had hold of her, and it was definitely the easy way to do it!
After a few sessions with us, we started booking double private lessons - an hour each (separately) for James and Eleanor. After our experience with the young childnrens' ski school last year, we just looked up the instructor we had last year again and didn't bother with group lessons. Luckily Rover was there again!
By the end of the week, Eleanor could do a passable snow-plow with the edgie-wedgie. Most children call it a piece of pizza or cake, because of the shape, and when I started teaching Eleanor, I asked her what sort of cake she wanted hers to be - and she chose a cupcake! Not quite the right idea, but it worked anyway! She's very right-leg dominant, so she tends to turn left.
She got tired really easily, and would just flop down when it suited - in the lift, while skiing - or before we even left the house. I suspect she preferred eating the snow to skiing on it, too! Some of the times taking her up the poma, she would be just flopped against my (or Mummy's) leg, and would only stay awake to see the dog at the top.
After one of her lessons, Simon went to meet her, and found Rover sitting down, with her cradled in his arms. She'd toppled-over on the lift in front of him (just a slow and very flat escalator) - fast asleep. He hadn't been able to wake her, so spent the last 15 minutes of her lessons cradling her as she slept in his arms - and copping rather a few jokes from other instructors! And that was her first ski of the day. At close to $2 per minute, that's probably the most expensive sleep she'll ever have!
Eleanor discovered the fun of James' favourite game from last year - skiing through our legs. Two or 3 of us would line up for her, and as soon as she'd gone through, would go down a bit, ready for the next turn.
I think next year it will be a lot easier for her.
Here she is in the hat and scarf I knitted her - both finished in the car on the drive over! We went out to dinner one night, and she loved crunching in the snow on the walk back home, even though it was dark and snowing lightly.

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