Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wearable Flowers

The the Adelaide SHow this year, there was again a display of Jenny Gillies' wearable blooms. Jenny was featured in the latest issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting (Vol 19 No 7) and her work is stunning. Our time at the show was cut short by illness (both kids were off colour, and it was when my 'flu chose to assert itself), so we didn't see the live show (although photography is not permitted fo that anyway). But there was a display of some of her work on mannikins, and I snapped a few quick photos before we went home.

This is a child-size version of her Iris costume.

Just look at the detail of the hat!


Dahlia head-piece:

Skirt detail:

There were also some amazing fruits, but I was lacking in enthusiasm and energy by this point!

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