Monday, 27 September 2010

Ocean quilt

Having sent off instructions for two quilts last nihgt, today I decided I needed to do some actual quilting. I want to get the Beach pattern done soon, but I haven't sewn for a while.

Well, I have made a few in-progress steps to be photographed to go with the instructions - but they don't count! And to be completely honest, tonight's 'sewing' was actually all about fabric selection and cutting.

I'm building my next beach quilt (which is really more an ocean quilt, since there's no sand!), and all these fabrics are pinned in place on the foundations, ready to sew. This lot took about 2 hours, and I've done nearly half the water. On looking at the photo, I've already swapped a few pieces which don't transition smoothly to the next fabric; one right in the centre and one to the right, which are both too dark and show a marked 'line' between them and a neighbouring print.

I've taped the pattern up over the window behind the sewing table for reference, which I'm finding really handy. It works well at night, but in the daytime it would block a lot of the natural light.

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