Sunday, 13 February 2011

DQS10 Fabric selection and cutting

I should be quilting, but it's just not quite right, so I'm procrastinating instead. I decided I couldn't reset the machine (i.e. start piecing the DQS10 quilt) until I'd finished quilting the quilt under the needle. I'd've been betetr to put the other aside and actually make progress on this one. I managed to quilt all of 3 blocks tonight - a pretty poor effort!

This afternoon while Eleanor had her nap and James was out sailing with Simon, I selected the fabrics and cut the pieces one by one. I work with the full-size pattern and lay the pieces in place as I go to guide the next fabric choice, and have all the fabrics spread out by my side for easy viewing/access - in this case on the ironing board.

All the pieces are roughly cut with scissors for foundation piecing; some are slightly fussy-cut. The lines marked on the pattern are for reference only, but all the piecing lines are designed to be radiating from the centre of the quilt - although I will probably actually move that point on the final quilt to centre the design better. The circles I printed from EQ7; starting at 1/2in diameter, and increasing first by 1/8in increments up to 1 3/4in, then in 1/4in increments up to 4in. The next 3 circles, which will be machine quilted/embroidered only, continue to grow in 1/4in increments.


LittleWhiteDove said...

Looking good! And 3 blocks is better than my quilting effort yesterday... a whole two seams - and they were only 1.5" seams too!

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

Emma - this is absolutely wonderful and I really hope that I'm your partner :)

becanne said...

Wow - can't wait to see more progress pics of this one.

1/2 inch circles - impressive!