Monday, 14 February 2011

Not in love

I'm not in love with the way the quilting is going on this quilt, which is why I keep procrastinating. It's got so much contrast that anything simple such as allover would show up in all the wrong places.

I decided to feather the black-surrounded crazy-pieced blocks, but an not that thrilled with how they turned out - the thread is too obvious on the bright blocks.

Then I did a loop in the blue border.

And a wavy line in the white block borders.

Now I'm quilting the centres of the white-surrounded blocks. I still need to work out what to do with the blue in these blocks - and the two white borders. And if I'd got on with the job tonight, it would be done - but it's not!


Me aka Supermom said...

I don't think your thread choices are unappealing to the eye. At least in photograph, they appear to blend well. Whay I question is using a traditional feather motif on a very non-traditional crazy-pieced block. The swirls seem to be a much better design fit to me. It's always a struggle to select the perfect design. I, too, second guess design choices far too often. I'm sure when it is done, you'll feel differently.

Joan said...

You are gettng there Emma - if you are not happy with you colour thread choices..what would you have used instead? You must have been up late with this one?