Tuesday, 10 May 2011

James' first FMQing

James finished basting Bec's quilt last weekend, and last night had his first go at free-motion quilting on a scrap sandwich. I wish I'd got a photo; he even had the quiting gloves on!

You can see in places I showed him the movements. I think we'll need quite a few more practice sessions before he starts on Bec's quilt - or maybe Ill have to do it with him - maybe my expectations are too high? There's a lot for a 5-year-old to get his head around and coordinate - does anyone have any tips?


red in oz said...

He's a natural,

Vicki W said...

Let him go for it. It's most important that he have fun. You will probably have to finish it anyway! lol!

Nell said...

Even James quilts better than I do (sigh) Talent must just run in the family! I am thinking of taking your advice and sending you my other its a hoot quilt and then practising on the quilt for qld!
Oh, and the girls at my quilting group were all so impressed with your quilting - you don't want a teaching gig anytime soon?!