Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quilting designing

I spent a while drawing out the quilting diagram for my latest palm quilt on a plain printout to get something I was happy with. (The extra-dark lines were just so I could flip it over and get a good indication of the quilted vs. unquilted spaces from the back). I'm pleased with ths design, because it picks out shapes in the design you wouldn't first expect, but should still quilt up reasonably easily - though I've not yet worked out the border treatment - and won't until I get to it.

Then I discovered I had only a tiny amount of the main thread colour I needed, so I'm ordering some more, and have made a start on a new quilt. This is the palette (mostly from Michele D'Amore's Habitat by Benartex, plus a creamy Kate Spain snowflake, which blends beautifully with the dandelions) for a play quilt for my brand new cousin. I wasn't exactly expecting a new cousin in my 30s, but I'm looking forward to meeting her; I've only seen photos so far, since she's on the other side of the world, but she looks like an adorable 'fluffball'.

As well as the 4 corner and 12 side setting triangles made from 2-sided log cabin blocks (all done), it uses two different centre blocks, and one set is complete.

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