Sunday, 16 October 2011


Sometime this afternoon, my blog clicked over the exciting 100,000 visits mark since I added the counter!

I was busy quilting at the time. There have been a few thread breakages, since my machine isn't too keen on quilting through the extra layer of interfacing - especially with the extra-fine 100wt thread I used at one point - it was the only thread I had  in the right colour that wasn't too heavy - I've added a better option to my wishlist now - I should have done that before, since I had the same problem the last time I was quilting the sky on a beach scene quilt!

I've gone with a different approach this time; insteasd of wavy lines, I've quilted a pattern in the sky which is supposed to resemble clouds in some abstract way, and a spirally swirl pattern in the open areas of water. I'm not completely sure about the clouds, but I am pleased with the swirls in the water.

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M-R said...

Congratulations on 100,000 visits, Emma! Your beach quilt is looking great. I think the cloud motif you did works really nicely. Looking forward to seeing the full quilt!