Friday, 7 October 2011

Filling the gaps

To fill the gaps in the quilt, I hunted through my cupboards until I found a plate and a bowl just the right size to trace around. I used a sewline glue pen around the inside edge of the cream circle to hold it in place around the centre print while I worked, then the same glue again to position the 1/4in bias-cut blue strips, which are appliqued over the seam between the centre of the circle and the cream border. I appliqued with a small machine blanket-stitch, using a matching glossy (rayon?) thread.

I left a large (but variable - couldn't you tell?!) seam allowance on the inside of the holes in the quilt, and pinned the circles into place to this over (under?) lap. Then I used teeny-tiny smears of pva glue around the edges to keep both the circle, and the 3/8in red bias-cut strips which cover the seam, accurately in place while sewing.

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