Wednesday, 12 October 2011

At it again

On confirmation this afternoon, I jumped into fabric selection for another beach scene quilt while James and Eleanor were having a nap this afternoon. Umm.... no.... the last one insn't quilted yet!

I find it works really well to have my pattern taped to the wall - not only does it make it easy for me to see which sections meet where, but it allows me to pin the sections up as they're done (fabrics all selected, cut and pinned in place - no sewing yet) and view them critically from a little distance. I've already swapped one piece, and can see another which I'll think about and probably change tomorrow. This one is coming together nicely.

Someone asked after one of my recent posts about the interfacing I use for the foundations. It's not to prevent distortion (in fact, the stuff distorts far worse than any quilt fabric - even those cut on the diagonal!). It just provides the shape for me to cover with foundation piecing

Tomorrow we're off to the zoo, and in the evening I hope to finish the fabric selection and maybe even start on the piecing.

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