Monday, 31 October 2011

Book of Inspiration

A while back I kept noticing and being inspired by Charley Harper images, and was pleased to be able to find this wonderful compilation of his illustrations at The Book Depository. Thank goodness for their free worldwide shipping - it's no lightweight!

I've not yet had time to use the ideas in a quilt, but I do enjoy browsing through the pages, and no doubt a fully-formed idea will hit me when I least expect it, and demand to be made!

Its the lines in his bird illustrations which I find most inspiring:

The simplicity of the shapes should translate well to piecing.

Hmm the idea behind this one seems somewhat familiar...!

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Hettie said...

Having seen your work I can only imagine what you'll do with these.

By the way have you ever taken a look at tattoo books? I love to page through these and although not as talented as you...... one day..... I am going to make a quilt using one of these.