Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Butterfly rose cake

I don't know how, but a while back I stumbled across i am baker's Rose Cake, and knew I wanted to make it. James requested a butterfly cake again this year, so I bought a few clip-on butterfly Christmas decorations to clip onto long skewers, and decided the rose cake would be the perfect base for them. My nozzle wasn't quite big enough, and the star tip wasn't quite as spiky as it should have been, but I was very pleased with the effect - especially given how quickly and easily it came together. I left it uncovered in the fridge overnight to let the frosting harden a little, and managed to keep it cool enough through the party in a park on a hot day that it still looked perfect when it was needed. I definitely have plans to do it again - but will search out a better nozzle first.

And don't worry - this will never become a baking blog. The family's tried-and-true, one-bowl chocolate cake is as far as I ever go! There would have been other party photos too, but I was too busy most of the time.


Nell said...

It looks beautiful!!! Oh, and in case you'd like to do another baking blog entry I would love the recipe for your one bowl chocolate cake - I am still trying to find the perfect recipe.
Happy birthday James!

M-R said...

Beautiful! That looks delicious, Emma!