Saturday, 5 November 2011

Stash enhancement

I don't share most of the incoming stash any more - I haven't for a long time. But this pile was last week's arrivals!

It's due to 2 things. First, I saw some of Paula Nadelstern's Nuance fabrics used beautifully, and realised I  barely had any - and because it's about to be superseeded by Patternista, I needed to 'go' to several online shops to tet all the prints I wanted - and of course I just had to fill the envelopes! The top half of this pile is all Nuance. And second, I had a regular trawl for more reef and water fabrics, and found some at a few shops, which resulted in the same need to top-up the envelopes!

Luckily I'd bought a few wood prints, because I'm actually using one of them for the tee I'm currently appliqueing - and now I've been and searched for some more wood fabrics to add to my stash - can you see where this is going?....

I'm rather relieved there don't seem to be as many new ranges release at Quilt Market this time - I've barely finished buying what I wanted from the Spring Quilt Market reveals! In fact, there are still a couple of prints I need to collect! From what I've seen so far, there are some must-haves from Paula Nadelstern's Patternista and Patty Young's Lush, and the elephants form Valori Wells' Karavan if it's available in quilter's cotton.


Joan said...

Oh WOW dont they just look wonderful!!

Vicki W said...

Did you find those Paula Nadelstern's at a US shop? If so, which one? I need to refresh my PN fabrics too. I winder when the new ones will be out?