Friday, 11 November 2011

Fused applique

I've made good progress appliqueing the leaves in place this evening, but it's not much different to look at, so I thought I'd show these instead.

While I was preparing the leaves to applique, I also traced and fused these. I really enjoyed designing this shape and went through several variations, tracing, cutting and swivelling  (I cut through all but a tiny 'neck' of the shape, then alter the angle) and repositioning. It takes a little while looking at it to realise that it has a positive and a negative swirl. These will be going onto the quilt with the spa palette that  I started a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun challenge fitting them in as closely as possible to minimise waste - the solid fabric is cheap enough, but I hate to waste the Steam-a-seam2, even though I imported a whole 24in x 25yd roll!


LynCC said...

Very fun shape! will be great to see where they go. :)

Elins systue said...

I had a look at your blog and found a lot of nice things. Interesting applique you are making