Friday, 20 April 2012

Confession time

Back when I was making Andrea's Dream, I initially pieced the twelve small stars the wrong size. I got as far as the quarter units (below), then realised my mistake.

I tossed them aside as they were and quickly remade them (the deadline was tight as it was, without silly mistakes!). But I always planned to make use of them someday - no point wasting the lovely snowflake fabric, or the time that went into making them. A while ago I played with some design options for using them - I wanted something quite different from the original quilt. And yesterday I did it. I've added a light and a dark turquoise to the red, lime and white. The top is complete and ready for quilting - after I piece at least some of the 900 triangles mentioned in my last post. It's destined again for AP&Q, but I'll show some peeks along with the quilting - I will mull over quilting ideas while chain-piecing those triangles.

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