Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter = chocolate and quilting

This evening James finished piecing the half-square triangles and pressed them. Then he followed the pattern to lay out all the pieces to his quilt top. he did remarkably well, managing to work out the corresponding fabrics to the somewhat different fabrics on the pattern I created for him in EQ7, and orienting the blocks correctly.

We've been experiencing a chocolate dessert overload here. I found a small chocolate recipe book the day we arrived, and the last 2 nights we've had Strawberry, hazelnut (and chocolate) gateau:

and Raspberry brownie and icecream cake (a wonderful combination of gooey warm chocolate brownie and rapidly melting raspberry icecream):

Simonsurprised us by taking an extra (and much-needed) day off work, so we get one more day of the long weekend. It's been too windy most days so far, so tomorrow the boys are heading out fishing at the crack of dawn. If I get on a roll tonight, that'll only be an hour or two after I get to bed! I've not achieved as much as I'd hoped so far, but I have caught up on a heap of sleep.

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