Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lots of filigree

I haven't even started filling the borders yet, but the body of the quilt is coming along well. I've been having a bit of trouble with small birds' nests forming under the quilt, mainly where I'm doing the small filigree work. I've tried changing all sorts of settings incrementally, but haven't yet hit on the solution. I'd be interested to hear any suggestions. Update - an oil and a slight reduction in the bobbin tension seems to have doen the trick.

I'm going through a heap of thread; luckily I chose a colour I have plenty of. On the white areas of the blocks I've used white, and for the rest I'm using aqua, which is the best compromise on the dark teal and the apple green - it shows up enough to make the quilting work, but not too much. In the border, where I've already double outline-quilted the triangles with the walking foot, I'll be alternating white (for the inwards-pointing triangles) and the aqua (for the outwards-pointing triangles). I'm hoping this will add more interest to the quilting, by adding a secondary pattern - the triangles will go right across the three different coloured borders.


Nell said...

Small birds nests? I have huge great pteradactyl ones here (Janome is dead AGAIN) and I was soooo hoping to bind that charity quilt as my April finish!!!
Happy quilting!

Frances Arnold said...

I love the Filigree work!! Keep at is gorgeous!!!

Cant wait to see the finished quilt.

Esther said...

This is beautiful. Love watching the progress.

Linda said...

Love that filigree work! That detail makes the design spectacular. How are your shoulders holding up?! Sounds like you and your new machine are becoming extremely intimate. This is good.