Wednesday, 25 April 2012


In the last couple of days, I've seen two of my designs made up by other quilters - a really rewarding experience. Both have graciously allowed me to share their quilts here.

First up was this dramatic colourway of Andrea's Dream from AP&Q:

Kym is a longarm quilter from Queensland, and has quilted her version beautifully as a show entry. Kym is still in the process of setting up her website, but do go and have a look - especially those of you in the Bundaberg region. I came across this really by chance; Kym and I happen to have a mutual friend on facebook, and she recognised my name (ooh, another thrill!) when we were both commenting on a photo.

Then that evening, I received an email from Lori, whose daughter had found and bought my Winter Harvest tree pattern. At the very end of my patterns, I invite quilters to send me photos of what they've made using them, and Lori was the first to accept:

She and her daughter made this gorgeous version together, and personalised it, not only with their own colour choices and extra leaves, but also in the quilting. As well as including details of the baby it is for, there are birds in the tree, butterflies in the border, and even a squirrel and a rabbit. I love it!

Thank you to Kym and to Lori and Jamie for sharing your quilts!

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