Sunday, 6 May 2012

1 million

I've been making some good progress with the quilting, and am onto the border triangles. I couldn't face more filigree, so decided to pebble the outer triangles - it's close in design to the filigree (but faster - who'd've though pebbling would be faster than anything?!) and it also links into the lines of circles, so it's not out of place. I'm still dithering on what pattern to use in the alternate triangles.

I set myself two targets for today. The first was to finish the border (I didn't specify to meself whether that meant just the pebbling, or the whole thing!). The second was to top the 1 million stitch mark on the 820. I was at about 950,000 at the start of the day. I knew the second would easily be achieved if I managed the first. I haven't quite finished the pebbled triangles, but I have passed a million stitches:

Yes, I did carefully stop right on the mark! The extra 17 stitches above were test stitches, already on it when I took it out of the box.

Tomorrow I'll put in the last 15 minutes needed to finish the pebbling, which will bring the total for those to 2.5 hours. Added to the 18.5h already logged, plus 3h for the cross-hatching, I'm up to 24h now. Then I'm going to set this one aside while I sandwich and quilt a customer quilt as promised.


Margaret said...

couple thoughts for the triangles - cross hatch or a larger scale feathering up a central spine.

Linda said...

As usual, your quilting is gorgeous. How neat to have a stitch counter! Too bad it doesn't track hours (or minutes) of running time. Still, it's a great way to know just how much you use your machine. It helps justify the cost, I would think!

Esther said...

Beautiful! You deserve a break, then you can come back with new enthusiasm It is so, so beautiful.

M-R said...

So amazing! What about clamshells for the alternating triangles? I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful! Congrats on the million stitches. Doees it make you wonder how many stitches you've done on your other machines? LOL!