Saturday, 26 May 2012

Textured Treasures day 1

Today we spent doing the wet/dirty part of the course fabric painting, and stencilling, stamping, making rubbings, overpainting, foiling... I ended up dyeing four fat quarters; I did three early one, then realised towards the end of the day that they were all too similar, and I painted a auhc darker one for some contrast.

Above is my first effort drying on the driveway (between showers - we had to dash out a few times to collect everything!) - below is the same piece after stencilling, stambing and rubbing; I still have to add some foils:

The driveway:

Second piece after painting:

Second piece with the addition of stencilling; the luminescent paints add a wonderful shimmer in the late afternoon sunlight, but didn't show up well on camera.

Me stencilling:

This one's very washed out in the sun, but it shows the foil glue - which is still drying:

This piece was stamped and rubbed first, then overpainted. The snowflakes at the top (including a couple over a rubbing) are from a stamp I made today; the snowflake was hand-drawn. If you look closely, there are some at the bottom as well; these were rubbed using metallic crayons prior to painting, using both my stamp and a rubbing plate.

My last piece; much darker than the rest, but with no extra embellishment:

Tomorrow we'll start with beading, then move on to cutting up our fabric and sewing.

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