Friday, 7 September 2012

Starting to swoon

Last night I cleared the decks to sandwich a large (95in square) customer quilt:

I've worked out some of the quilting design, and will work out the rest once I see how it's looking. I've started by McTavishing around the stars at the centre of each of the 9 Swoon blocks:

It's already clear how well made this quilt is. It lies amazingly flat for one so large, and the seams are all flat and even. The fact that the seams have been pressed open really seems to help minimise any bulk, too. Even while quilting right at the centre, look how much space I still had to move (allowing for the extra allowance at the edge, there's a full 50 inches of quilt to the right of the needle:

Next I've moved onto these feathered circles. There will be 4 of them. I used a platter and 2 bowls to mark 3 circles (a large one as a guide for where to end the feathers, a small one for the feather spine, and a slightly smaller one for the innermost circle and the interior arcs). The middle of the 3 quilted circles was done by eye - as were all the feathers.

There's still a long way to go, but it's looking good so far (about 6h in).


happydaysquilting said...

I love feather wreath, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

~LilOlFrankie~ said...

I CANNOT wait to see this finished Emma, you are truely a legend for tackling such a large project on a domestic machine!!! I just know this is going to look fantastic!!!

Bec Clarke said...

Emma you never cease to amaze me at your gorgeous quilting and artistry.

2ne said...

Love your quilting :-))))