Monday, 10 September 2012

Swooning along

I'm making progress with the quilting. I finished the feathered circles I mentioned in my last post and have quilted a similar design in the stars at the centre of each swoon block; McTavishing inside a centre circle, with feathers filling the points:

It's hard to see the feathering, but basically there's one large and one small plume in each of the eight points.

Then I moved on to the the large, pale points around each star, using lightly different feather design to fill the narrower points (above) and the wider ones (below). For both I'm using the Sewline vanishing marker to roughly mark the central registration lines, but they're all quilted freehand.

I'll go back later and quilt some swirls into the eight dark diamonds, but for now, I've quilted the light sections of 4 of the 9 blocks.

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