Friday, 2 November 2012

In a book...

After a long wait, I got my copy of the newly-released Needlecraft Style (or Stitch) Directory today. I was contacted by an agent sometime last year about the possibility of including photos of some of my quilting as examples in this book, and the final version does use several, which is pretty exciting!

However, I'm going to be completely honest, and say that the author's area of specialty is hand stitching and embroidery and that shows - I do see some inaccuracies/omissions in the Quilting, Patchwork and Applique section, under which my work falls.

(The beach quilt 'Footsteps' and the small pink/white/grey/brown
piecing detail 'Iced Chocolate' are both mine)

And her clear preference for handwork shows, too (whether or not machine quilting ''lacks the charm" of hand quilting is a matter of personal opinion, not fact - and I beg to differ!). That aside, it is a lovely book and has an excellent and comprehensive section on hand stitches.

(Machine quilting page; all 3 examples are mine,
L to R: Crowing, May, Through the Arched Window )

It's not meant to cover everything in detail, but it does provide a good general introduction to the different types of needlework and open up possibilities to a new needleworker or one who'd like to expand their field.

(Detail of Crowing, although the text descibes old-style stuffed trapunto)

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