Friday, 30 November 2012


I recently decided the quilt I was working on wasn't what I wanted for the person it was half-intended for, and came up with a new concept. New knowledge of the recipient' favourite colours quickly inspired the design, and a bit of sketching helped me work out how I'd construct it.

I wasn't at home with my design software, so I used pencil and paper - which actually worked ok for this type of design, although there was a lot of rubbing-out and re-drawing.

I'm going to make it in blocks; it's a 6 x 7 layout, and each block is 8.75in square - an odd size, but it gives a good finished quilt size, and is construcyed from seven, 1 1/4in strips. The strips themselves will be unpieced, except for where required for a colour change, which will give the image a simplified pixellated effect. I plan to select fabrics and start cutting tonight, in between swoon quilting.

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Carla Bynum said...

Hi!!! Looks like a wonderful design!!! Can't wait to see it!!!