Thursday, 29 November 2012

Swooning again

This afternoon my first order of Glide threads arrived, so I could start on the next Swoon quilt. The Australian stockist I found with (very) reasonable prices only has the 5000m cones at the moment, so I ordered the colours I most urgently need. They're huge - they only just fit on the 820's thread stand!

Then I started drawing on Kayscha's cute mermaid Swoon quilt, using a platter, a cocktail glass and the Glide spool as templates:

I added more freehand quilting guidelines, then set to with the pale aqua thread.

This is the first block (from the back -  obviously!) with the aqua quilting done; there's still white and pink to be added before I move onto the next one.


Frances Arnold said...

This looks wonderful. Cant wait for the reveal!!

LynCC said...

I really love watching your projects emerge. This is so pretty!