Monday, 19 November 2012

What blog?!

I didn't mean to take nearly 2 weeks off blogging. I didn't mean to take that long off quilting, either - but in many ways I did. I've been pottering around doing this and, that, but not really achieving much, and with nothing much to show. Those silly 'quick' triangle quilts are the problem. Oh, they're quick enough to sew, but they're not turning out exactly as envisaged. This is a direct result of not taking the time to thoroughly work out the layout. This in turn means that I'm not that interested in finishing them. But I've avoided starting anything else, in order to try and motivate myself to finish them. Which of course means I've pretty much done nothing.

The one I showed a while back has had one purple triangle replaced, and that's a  definite improvement, but I still want to find something to replace the very pale green triangle at the top, so it's still waiting. I might try painting it.

The second version of this in Amy Butler fabric has similar issues, though not so bad. I decided to add the borders and start quilting it, and I'm in the process of that now. I do like the borders, with the addition of the text fabric I just happened to have out.

I'd hoped the colour-coordinated quilting would help further define the coloured columns, but it's been pretty ineffective, and I'm somewhat disenchanted with it, too. There's also the fact that these quilts really aren't me, are too quick-and-easy, and I know I won't be proud of the finished products. Time-wise I really do need them for their intended purposes (especially after my lazy fortnight) and realistically I suppose the intended recipients probably wouldn't fully appreciate the difference between these and some of my 'preferred' quilts, so it probably doesn't matter. But somehow it does, because I know. Enough grizzling; I'll be back with interesting stuff tomorrow

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Sheila said...

i think you are being too hard on yourself.. the Amy Butler fabrics are so fabulous they don't need anything "too clever" to compete with them. Your quilting will give them added life as well. Get them done and move on :-)