Thursday, 6 December 2012

Design board at last!

Tonight I started cutting the fabric for the wave quilt design I showed a few days ago. Pretty quickly I realised this would work a lot better if I laid the pieces out to get a good, smooth colour flow, so I dragged in one of the huge foam sheets I got and started pinning. It's not covered yet, so they won't stay without pins.

I'm so glad I did this, even though I did underestimate how much all the seam allowances would stack up, and ran out of height! You can see the start of the sun's glow below the wave. I need to top up on a few fabrics for the rest of the sun area, then can start piecing and add in the background sky. The extra water droplets are pinned to the board, ready to position once the sky is around them.

I've already swapped a number of fabrics in the wave, and looking at the photo, I see several more which I'll change tomorrow with fresh eyes.

Unfortunately there's no spare wall space for a design board, and this enormous thing is a pain to move around (for now it's in front of the fabric cupboards) but it's still so good to have it at last!


Kirsty said...

This is amazing. Love it! Looking forward to following progress.

Sarah said...

Looks really good Emma! I love the jewel colour of the sea. Are you gonna go with a sky background? Just was thinking it may stand out and be more striking on a white. I'm also in South Australia, on Yorke Peninsula.